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While I sit at Uni

meditatively in the sun

she walks by,

wearing a blue-grey dress

with an orange hair bun,

and carrying a light

blue-grey hat.

She merges naturally

with the native

Australian gum trees,

belonging to

the surrounding colours

of blue, brown and green

with elegance, poise

and detachment


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Dragon Lizard

Through the window

a small dragon lizard

stands upright gazing

into the tute room.

I stand close looking

at the lizard,

who returns my gaze

ponderously through

yellow/brown eyes.

She tilts her head gently

to the side altering

her view and places

her feet against the window.

We engage in this way

for over five minutes –

a symbolic encounter

of slow and patient


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She walks past me

at the shopping centre

with words on her

T-shirt saying

“the sun is up

the sky is blue”.

I’m captivated

by the bright blue

of her shirt and the

words boldly written

in white conveying

an optimistic spirit.

A message to make

the most of the sunshine

in life celebrating

the sun’s gentle warmth

and the sky’s calming blue.

In more troubled periods

to have these images

to draw upon

to uplift the spirit

and open one to

a myriad of possibilities,

with the gift of hope –

embracing the simple

bliss of nature

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Write on suffering

my friend asks.

The image of Christ

on the cross comes

to my mind –

his suffering

what does it mean ?

For me, Christ stands

in solidarity with all of us humans

with unavoidable suffering

on this Earth.

His strength and courage

feeds our strength

and courage to face hardships

and to stand in solidarity

with each other.

Difficulties stretch our endurance,

expand our ability to cope,

finding relief in times of peace.

As we rise above suffering

we share good feelings

with one another

that ripple outwards

into our communities

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A Heavenly Image

Today the visionary physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking died at age 76 years. Serendipitously a friend challenged me today to write a poem about my vision of Heaven :


Out of my sub conscious

an image of life after

death stirs my imagination.

It is like the space of

a large convex white cloth

with all of us jewels

embedded within

sparkling at each other

with deep love,

capturing our strong

interconnectedness  –

spiritual beings who belong to

one another in a cosmic wholeness

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The adventure of not

owning a car.

Each day well planned

going at a slow pace

exploring the world

on foot,

at ease with life

and connecting with

my neighbourhood.


building constructions,

houses for sale,

developments all around

the closure of shops

and the opening of new ones,

witnessing the dynamism

of my local world.


In the early morning

walking to the train

station embracing

the magic of the dawn,

sharing excitement

with squealing

parrots darting

from tree to tree.


As a traveller

attuning oneself to

the weather conditions,

with endurance

battling the elements –

heat, humidity, wind and rain

trusting in one’s path.


Curiosity in catching

public transport,

meeting strangers

or friends on the way,

engaging in conversations

to give each other strength

for the day and insights

from daily life.

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I recently saw an exhibition in the Queensland Art Gallery by Noel McKenna on mapping of Australia. I also read an account of the work in “The Weekend Australian Review” on February 24th – 25th. The artist didn’t focus on geography but on motifs that “speak of Australians social and cultural life and our natural environment”. For example on maps of Australia he mapped lighthouses, racecourses, public swimming pools, butterflies, birds, river fish and “Big Things” in Australia like the famous Big Pineapple in Queensland.

The last two works are autobiographical. The artist asked “how would you chart your life ?” He did a graph showing the progression of his state of mind and level of happiness since childhood – because he thought his level of happiness was the most important factor.

It made me think what factor would I chart my life on a time line or graph. I think it would be by how much I felt connected/disconnected to myself and my world – all of which has changed and varied over time.

I encourage you to think about how would you chart your life ? What principles would you base it on ?