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the vine curves

around the spider web,

sways in the wind

with pleasing beauty


comfort traveling in the bus

with little light –

privacy in the night


In the Chapel

the stained glass window

is a mandala of yellow and red

resonating with the flowers below –

intense red and yellow

light up the sacred space

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Foggy Veil

6 am

Walking across the city bridge

surrounded by thick fog.

The river, buildings and roads

are invisible,

there are just hazy dots

of lights in all directions –

red, orange, blue and green.

On the bridge as I stop

to gaze at the river

there is an impenetrable

wall of blue/grey fog.

A curious way to start the day

as the city structure

slowly emerges from the haze –

the world has clarity again,

the veil is lifted

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A Godly World

the young woman

walks past me

in the mall with the words

on her jacket:

“God belongs in my city”

I ponder on how I see God

as a Universal force of energy

of love permeating

the whole of existence –

an all pervasive being

immanent in the world

as well as transcendent

and beyond the world.

A presence whose energy

we can connect with daily

for love, guidance and strength

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Other Worlds


the student walks ahead

with maps of stars

on her backpack –

the world before her


the words on her jacket:

“start the adventure” –

I think of my morning

conversing with the busker,

together we journeyed

into each other’s world



on the window ledge

the frilled neck lizard

gazes into the tute room –

curious our eyes meet


opposite me on the bus

she sits with an iPad on her lap –

droplets of rain reflect

from the window onto her screen,

like exploding stars

in outer space

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Ways of Being


At ease within yourself

moments of oneness

while talking to others –

responding spontaneously

no thought of a separate self,

the “space-time interval,

the gap” collapses

between you and the other –

the world is a unified



Discomfort brings other gifts –

alertness and watchfulness

of the world with

learning and awareness

for the sensitive soul

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9 am

the dance of fern tree

shadows patterning

the brown garage door –

like a puppet shadow play

moving and swaying


4:30 pm

the three-quarter moon

blends with white clouds

in a swirling dance –

the purity of white

against the backdrop

of a pristine

blue sky