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Cafe Scenes


her white and orange

dotted shirt matches

her Styrofoam cup

with spacious white

and pinky/orange stars


sitting side by side

the boyfriend and girlfriend

mirror each other,

both wearing black and white

striped T-shirts with denim –

an expression of their bond


a middle age couple

engage in intense conversation

while eating kebabs

and sipping water –

fully present with each other

contrasting with the young man

focused on his computer game,

oblivious to others

locked in his own world

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catching the morning train

all around me city workers

are engrossed in their iPhones,

on the afternoon train

older people gaze out the window

avoiding eye contact with each other –

on both trips people try escaping

from human contact,

disengaging from their fellows

into their private internal worlds –

an inward looking culture,

people tuned into their own tribe