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On the train observing

people’s subtle adornments –

a young woman

with elegant sandals,

orange painted toenails

and a small silver ring

decorating her toe;

a young man

with a blue and black

beaded bracelet;

an older woman

wearing a blue earring

with a subtle yellow dove.

Today’s individuals

having strong links back

to the earliest humans,

captivated by beauty,

symbols and colour,

decorating ourselves

to express singularity,

simultaneously embracing

our universal human nature


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Daily Hum

8:30 am

After a day of

blistering winds,

all is calm this morning

in the warm subtropical Spring –

there is a bright blue clear sky

as the city hums with activity,

people go about their day

focused on their earthly roles,

stopping to engage

in conversation –

giving each other

strength for the day